Monday, October 17

~~ Enroute to Kaza via Rotang Pass, Himachal Pradesh ~~

A few kilometers beyond Rotang Pass .

The glance of much awaited Spiti river!

Locally these roads are called 'Nala' , trails of the connected spring. Quite notorious when it rains. However, the water level remains low most of the time during October, so can be crossed easily.

A PWD Rest House at Chota Dhara and also the first concrete to be seen after travelling for more than 4 hours, beyond Rotang Pass.

An 'Inexplicable' moment.

As expected a Cold Desert to be, rugged terrain with vivid hues.

At Batal.

Though roads were poor and unmetalled; but  from Batal to Kunzum Pass, the worst we have experienced. Either close your eyes or chant almighty!


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