Tuesday, November 1

~~ Chhath Puja, Bihar ~~

Sanjiya Arghya on the day of Surya Shashti.

A glimpse of the Chhath lake in our Township.

A couple of days back, Postal service in Nepal released stamps of Chhath Puja.

This welcomes Bihaniya Aragh tomorrow morning.
November,1, 2011


  1. Very nice study. Why did you miss out the thekua-banana-nariyel-phal dali? I always check out on the thekua first for my teeth are no longer what they were.
    Bengali equivalent of Chhat (shashthi), celebrated almost concurrently, is Itu puja. Itu is a corruption of Sanskrit 'ritu' (season). It was more of a feminine vrata, with similar offerings to Surya. I had witnessed what must have been the last few ever some 60 years ago.

  2. Thank you Sir for sharing such an informative piece. Ya, I have missed to upload the Dali, as the click had a little noise.Also, happy to share with you that I had crunched a few thekuas this time.