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Mithila (Now Darbhanga in Bihar ) was once part of Janakpur ruled by Videha dynasty and was the capital of the kingdom . The kings of Videha were known as Janaka . Seeradhwaj Janaka , popularly known as Raja Janaka (in Ranmayan) hailed from this dynasty and ruled during 7th century. 
Palace of Late Maharaja Kameshwar Singh.
Darbhanga which falls in North Bihar was under political chaos during Mughal reign. Due to which emperor Akbar was unable to manage systematic tax collection here. It was then decided to elect a king, who will ensure peace and organize the state of Darbhanga raj.
 Shyama Kali Temple of Darbhanga.
A Kali temple had been constructed on cremation spot of Raja Rameshwar Singh by his son Kameshwar Singh in 1933. Entire premise of the temple is set up on cremation ground of the royal family of Darbhanga Raj. 
A fair sets up for Navaratra. 
The temple host a local fair and sacrifices (bali) during Navratra twice a year.

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