Friday, May 11

Chandni Chowk on my platter

Nataraj's dahibhalla corner is always my first stop as I walk towards the Walled city from the metro station. My taste buds start to tingle with the stream of crowd that I have to cross every time to reach this chaat corner.
With no space to sit or even to stand leisurely, they are delivering chutney dipped patties at a pace faster than Shatabdi express. They serve only two chaats (kind of spicy Indian savory snacks) Dahi bhalla and Aloo tikki (patty based). Usually I go for both of them. Spending 20 rupees/plate is of full worth and treat for my mouth. The tikkies (patties) are soft and crispy while bhallas are succulent.This roadside kiosk might not cater to your physical comfort but if you are a chaat lover like me then you would certainly visit them regularly. 

Streets of Chandni chowk are dark and chockablock with wires; but all these hardly matter to its lovers. Be it shopping of  Lahenga (an Indian dress) or Kalira (marriage jewelry) or Mithai (sweet meat), Chandni chowk is the place. During my graduation days, I used to visit this place once in a month. The Indian sweet giant Haldiram  has an outlet here along with famous Ghantewala, Chaina Ram and a Bengali sweet house Annapurna .

My next stop is Paranthawala gaali. From kaddu (gourd) to khurchan these shops make around 50 varieties of paranthas (stuffed fried bread). The accompaniments with the paranthas includes sweet and sour chutnies, mix vegetable, chola-aloo curry(chickpea and potato) and pickle. The taste of stuffed paranthas make sure that shops remain stuffed with gourmets too. A normal aloo or mix parantha costs me 40 INR, however, if I desire for premium ones like bhindi (okra), pineapple or khurchan(thickened milk) , they will cost little more than the former. 

Finally, with a Lassi (sweet yogurt shake) in a khullar(clay pot) I wrap up my elaborate lunch. Lassi in a plastic/thermocol glass costs 5 rupees less than the khullar one of 30 rupees. 

Delhi, March, 2012


  1. Nice post...Natraj is THE best...I do not subscribe to the food at paranthe wali gali...not something to be written home about or eaten...their accompaniments are LOVELY and that is sure you will get better paranthas in the houses of people or Murthal dhabas..

  2. Thanks Reeta, even I think Punjabi mommies cook the best paranthas!