Tuesday, May 19

In Photos : Handicrafts of West Bengal.

1. Terracotta.
  A Bengali couple in terracotta.
Terracotta figurines from 'Poush Mela' of Bolpur. These artifacts are made from baked clay.Districts of Bishnupur, Birbhum and Bankura are famous for their terracotta works. Price: INR 50.
2. Talpatar Sepai (puppet made from Palm leaves).
The dancing talpatar sepai on a table mat made from Paitara .
One of the oldest form of rod puppets in the history of Indian puppetrymade out of dried palm leaves. These leaves are also used to make hand fans in Bengal. Pattachitra on palm leaves is an acclaimed art in Odisha.   Price: INR 10 .
3. Dokra /Dhokra.
The lady with lamp.
A primitive form of art that had traveled from Eastern India to rest of the nation. The craft has derived its name from the caste of artisans who make dokra products from lost-wax. Price: INR 300 (figurine ) & INR 200 (neck piece) .
4. Kantha Embroidery .
 Kantha embellishment on a hand clutch .
Kantha stitch is an embroidery that finds a place in every Bengali household. Be it on a saree or on a bedspread this running stitch is loved by all. Traditionally Kantha is similar to a quilt; made by stitching layers of discarded sarees. Price: INR 250 .
5. Madur (Mat).
Table mats from Digha .
Madur or mats are traditionally made of grasses and paitara in West Bengal. Paitara (murta plant) is also used for making 'shital pati'; natural cool mat. Price: INR 200 ( for a set of six table mats and coasters).
6. Jute Handicrafts.
A Jute coaster.
From jute ropes to shoes, Bengal knows to extract every possible utility out of this vegetable fiber. Price: INR 10 .


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