Monday, October 8

~~ Draperied dusk amidst the Ganga ~~

It has been a month that we have settled in Kolkata , hunting tasks like job, apartment, budget food joints kept my mind choc o bloc. But soon things layered beautifully. Notched a job, my husband's office nominated residential apartment, now is our home, and importantly credible domestic help.

After shifting to Kolkata, this was my first visit to the Princep Ghat. I feel escalated, everytime, sitting on those parapets on the bank of Ganges.

I was five then, when the bridge (popularly known as second Hoogly bridge) was inaugurated.

My Baba had hired a cab for a day and took us on a ride to show us the newly constructed mammoth bridge. Now, a signature of 'the City of Joy'.

A boat ride on the river is a 'must to-do' whenever you visit the place.

Illumination shone the dusk that draperied  amidst the Ganga.


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