Monday, October 15

~~ A Mahalaya Morning | 2012 ~~

 We started at 5:30 in the morning from Ballygaunge and reached Maidan by another 20 minutes. Like the usual route we planned to cross the Netaji statue follwed by Strand road to reach Prinsep Ghat. Since all the left turns were closed we had to reach there from Kidderpore side.

Mahalaya dawns at Maidan.

Namche akash saroter ronge. Vidyasagar Setu.
Thanks to our miss-assessment, we took the road to the bridge rather taking left towards strand.  The morning breeze was chirping aloud "Ma ashchche"  .

Finally, we reached James Prinsep Ghat and luckily with a hassle free parking.

As expected the ghat was crowded in saffron .

Asusual, the Pujaries were in demand and were demanding too !

A ritual Tarpan is performed usually by male members of the family devoting prayers to their ancestors. 

Like every year this year too, I started my day listening to  Mahishashura Mardini . But this time it was on wheels.

Mass Tarpan , on the banks of Hoogly river.

 Clay with which the idols of Goddess Durga are made is collected from such 
river banks and a part is also collected from sex-worker's localities.

River Hoogly.  Autumn.

Those two little palms joined together to offer prayers. A child on the bank of Hoogly river in Kolkata on the day of  amavasya.

As directed!

As a Hindu would believe them to be his ancestors' presence.

Prinsep Ghat on the day of  Mahalaya.

Under the aligned concrete. Second Hoogly Bridge.

After his duty hours, a fisherman back at his 
floating home.

Time to retreat. Office calling!

Saradiya Subhechcha !
Kolkata,15th October, 2012

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