Friday, January 4

Chronicle of 2012

In this post I tried to recapitulate the year that had rushed like a girl, waiting for the school bell to go ring in a summer afternoon.


| Har ki pauri |

Last year in January, spent a week at my place in furious cold aka Dilli ki sardi. During the weekend, we went to Haridwar. The picture was taken during the evening prayer 'aarti ', on the banks of river Ganga.


| Digha |
(Photo courtesy - Bongpen)
The year had started on a melee note as we were expecting a transfer but the destination had many options.
This impromptu escape to Digha was a little hectic yet thrilling  trip. We found the beaches of Old Digha to be clean and pristine contradicting our premonitions.


| Durgapur |

Looking at this picture, nothing else than the phrase 'Ganche kaathal gope tyel' comes in my mind .
The wait to ripe is long but yummy. (Ya I am a jackfruit lover!)


| Barauni |

Finally during mid of April,  we got sanguine that we will be moving to sohor kolkata.
The city of Joy. The city we desire.


| Kolkata |

Dadubhai, running at 82 , in Lake Club celebrating Jamai shosthi with Naat-jamai (grand son-in-law).


| Hoogly River |
(Photo courtesy - Poulami Mitra)
Our first outing to the Pricep Ghat. A sweet and memorable river ride.


| Kolkata |

Post to our first visit to Princep Ghat, I believe we had romanticized the place strongly, that was the reason to go there again. In this picture, the cult trio in a pose. Tanmay, Animikh, Aritra (L-R).


| Kolkata |

Had heard of rains in the city , witnessed it , enjoyed it.


| Kumortoli |

A fortnight before the puja, had been to Kumortoli , to see her . Ma Durga.


| Chandannagar

Farewell Ma.


| Dzongu |

A morning in a Lepcha village in the Northern part of Sikkim .  Dzongu is a secluded and restricted area where Lepcha families reside. They are originally from Nepal but follow Buddhism. Met these two beautiful kids on our way to Tingvong monastery.


  | Digha |

30 Dec, morning.
Like always, a ray of hope backs our life, till it goes on .

| 2013 you are welcome |


  1. sometimes, they say, memory works in disguise of inspiration...

    the photos are simple, subtly simple... there are times when you associate things in order to get back to a particular moment/ memory... like now, i m gazing at my fingernail to recollect distinctly what 2012 meant to me... you have done it effortlessly... some people always run short of luck

    1. Aritra Sanyal , Thank you for inspiring my knack, which is shaping into a serious interest !

  2. I enjoy your photo blogs. Really enjoyed seeing your year through your lens.