Wednesday, December 5

EM Bypass , Kolkata

Traveling has been an integral part of any field sales profile, and being in the same profession has given me an opportunity to travel through my city and knowing its vivid nooks. Mostly my allotted areas fall inside the peripheries of Northern Kolkata . Sometime this stretches upto to North 24 Paraganas too.

I find this part of my job exciting as well as interesting. More so due to my knack of capturing vivid moments into frames.
I find travelling through EM Bypass road in Kolkata is an experience in it self. Be it clogged traffic jams, lakes (bheri), water logged roads, Dhaba, Maize seller,China Town gate etc. 

Captured this while crossing the Dhapa.

Water washed roads connecting Science city  or may be to the future skyscrapers

A Bheri (Wetland ) towards Ruby Connector.

Rain drops . Traffic Blocked.

The Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata.

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