Monday, February 25

A Sunday afternoon walk

 After a sumptuous lunch at Chimpu da's place this weekend , we planned to walk down the Sarovar road to reach a theater near by. Rabindra Sarovar (Lake) which is adjacent to his apartment is a bliss to morning walkers and joggers in South Kolkata. Even we went there once , however, wasn't able take to the pain of  rising so early. Whenever I have been there always found it to be crowded but this Sunday it was left alone. Thanks to the culture of 'bhaat ghoom ' (siesta) in Bengal . Another reason ,could be cleaning treatment, undergoing in this piece of wetland these days.

City of Joy . 

On our way, we decided to visit their hall where they have conserved a few popular Durga idols of this year's puja. There I felt for the first time in this year that we are left with only few months to hit the huge fest again . 


A structure made of brass pots .

Wish if I could have spent that entire afternoon lingering around park ,watching those migratory storks and bald trees .

In the midst of such sedate surrounding , a fiery Simal (Bombax) tried to make a stretch, red carpet for us and as the shutter of my mobile zoomed , the group cried  "we are late , move on ! "

And moved on ......

PS: Photos that are captured here are from my 5MP mobile camera.

24, February, 2013 


  1. That last pic is breathtaking. Thanks.

  2. Well, you are no longer a Could-be photographer. A very much 'Have-Been-There-And-Done-That" photographer :)

  3. Such appreciation keeps me going . Thanks a lot !