Saturday, February 16

Morningwalk on a beach of Old Digha

Last year we went to Digha thrice during different seasons.  We found that during winter, beaches of  Digha could play bore as waves are less (or none) and water remains cold.

 An attempt to conquer the rising Sun.

The  ebb left this Star babe. 

At 5:30 in the morning as the alarm buzzed my sister sprung up. As it was her first attempt to watch sunrise on a sea shore. During winter mornings, the Sun appears late on the sky. Hence, the ambiance was bursted with pink and red hues due to a prolonged dawn .

Calm and poised .

Fresh date-palm juice on the shore.

Low tide in the morning had made easy for walking on the beach for miles. The walk on the beach was pleasurable as we were hit by soothing breeze and walked on a soft and partially wet sand.

Old Digha Beach.

During low tide in the morning . 

For couple of hours we behaved like wanderer, everything that we saw seemed beautiful. On our way back, we had glasses of  fresh date-palm juice, followed by coffee and Maggi . 

Colour of Love .

Nature best enjoyed by a lonely heart. 

Old  Digha, East Midnapor.

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