Monday, July 29


Every city has its own flavor. So do this city of joy. Being brought up in Delhi I know what does a plate of  rajma chawal means to me or those matching dupatta centers of Lajpat. From Matka peer to Dariba’s rabri kheer umpteen of such reminiscence still lingers.
Unlike Delhi, Kolkata’s autochthonic variety dominates the city. Therefore, where ever you roam in the city you would find that argumentive kosha mangsho (spicy meat curry) lover.

Kolkata was never new to me but its systems are. Be it post lunch ‘adda ‘session in office or ‘no chap’ attitude of the people, this lazy city is never lazy about celebrations. 

Of all the seasons, I admire Kolkata most during its monsoon. For me it is as relaxing as any rejuvenation therapy promises.

Many might disagree but I love traveling in the city during monsoon , particularly when it is raining.When the roads are water logged ,when the traffic crawls round the clock. When we shelter ourselves inside an egg roll shop on a street and wish to get rid of those spores that sporadically breeds.

PS: Photos that are captured here are from my 5MP mobile camera.


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  1. i hope to visit Calcutta someday...been always dreaming abt it.