Tuesday, September 24

River Hoogly - West Bengal

Whether you take a lazy boat ride or a romantic walk , the banks of Hoogly will never disappoint you.

As a kid , I used to visit Princep Ghat with my cousins and grandparents. Moreover, it was like a ritual for us during summer vacations.

The charm of Hoogly still fascinates me . Even during my daily travel, if an opportunity is there to cross the river I always prefer a ferry ride.

During last  Mahalaya, we came to Princep to see the mass 'tarpan' . We also took a boat ride that day. 

 Howrah bridge,Vidyasagar bridge and Nivedita bridge connect the districts with Kolkata.  Last month when I went to Bally ghat, I took a ferry boat instead to reach Dunlop, via Dakhineswar. 

It was drizzling while I was on an open boat. The sky was getting darker along with the winds spreading staunch of Diesel . 

During winters, the banks of Hoogly turn into picnic spots and weekend gateways . The below picture was shot during our last winter picnic near Belur Math. 

As the city is proud of the river and its piety. It is also responsible for littering its banks and water obnoxiously.

Hoogly - one of the reason to keep the City in Joy.

2012-13, Kolkata.

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